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GMB Asset lease

GMB Asset Lease offers you a flexible and convenient way to get the household/business items that you need to stay in business.

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Daily savings scheme

If you want to build up your savings and have easy access to your money anytime, the GMB Daily Savings Account is designed for you.

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Kid care account

You can take advantage of GMB kid care savings to ensure your children remain in school. Keep your kids learning with GMB kid care savings account.

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....The Trustworthy Financial Institution With An Edge in MicrofinancingGMB Microfinance Bank gives you choices when it comes to managing your finance by giving you products that let you handle your money your way.
✓ Debit Card ✓ POS Machine ✓ Cashless Transaction ✓ ATM

Agricultural Loan

This is loan given to people who are into commercial farming, poultry, etc

Group Loan

This is group lending, giving to minimum of 5 persons to help boost their business at an affordable interest rate, Nigerian SMEs can now maximize their potentials with the SME Loan for the expansion of their businesses..

Personal Loan

This is loan given to men/women and handwork people to promote their business .

Business Loan

This loan product is designed to meet the credit needs of clients who desire bigger loan sizes to strengthen their businesses.

Consumption Loan

This is loan given to workers and business people to take care of heavy expenses, like school fees, burial, wedding ceremonies etc.

Equipment/Property Leasing

Purchase of vehicle equipment and properties used for business, while the client pay gradually.

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