Nibo COVID-19 Rescue Funds

The Directors of GMB Microfinance Bank Ltd are pleased to announce the attainment of a MILESTONE in the NIBO COVID 19 RESCUE FUND.

Our business thrives on people. Our observation has been that our people are greatly hit by the lockdown as most of our people depend on daily earnings to make ends meet. With the lockdown, their businesses were equally locked down with its attendant loss of daily take home income. Hunger was rife in the community.

To ameliorate this scourge, the directors and staff of GMB Microfinance Bank Ltd set up a COVID 19 Rescue Fund of N1million from their personal funds and called on our people to donate to this fund to help in the amelioration of the scourge of hunger. We are glad to announce that this fund has grown to N2million made possible by a coalition of good-spirited individuals from our community. This has enabled us to make disbursements to 300 members of the community by your bank as follows:

200 members @ N5, 000.00 each and

100 members @ N10, 000.00 each.

A member of the coalition who is also a director of the bank has pledged to make 10,000 face masks in conjunction with a new coalition member for our community.

Other net – worth individuals in the community have in addition to cash palliatives, donated food items of various descriptions to their villages.

In addition to the above your bank has as long as the lockdown persist ensured that all deposit customers’ demands are met at call and short notice as against difficulties encountered at many mainstream banks

This is our contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility of our bank to our community. We thank all members of the coalition for making this possible.

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